Certified Facilitator Nurbiye ASKAR
Dance Artist, Xinjiang Arts Institute China

Are you ready for integrating into your essence, to invent yourself again, be aware of self-consciousness and experiment a unique journey while dancing with shamanic rhythms which date back thousands of years?

The Trance Dance experience, uses a unique blend of body movement, healing sounds, dynamic percussive rhythms, transformational breathing techniques and the innovative use of a blindfold or bandana – together stimulating a ‘trance’ state that promotes spiritual awakenings, mental clarity, physical stamina and emotional well-being. Driven by unique musical soundtracks recorded specifically for healing, Trance Dance takes participants on an ‘inner journey’ not limited to normal perceptions of space/time. Ritual trance journeys have been a vital part of shamanic and eastern dance cultures for thousands of years. Trance Dance is a contemporary approach that brings together the richness of these ancient rituals with some startlingly effective modern techniques. Through Trance Dance we disappear, becoming more like spirit, and simultaneously less attached to life’s ordinary difficulties, making it possible at these moments to let these problems go.
~Wilbert Alix, Trance Dance International

What will you need?

  • Comfortable clothes for flexibility while dancing
  • Eyemask or bandana to cover your eyes
  • And a wish which you need for the rest of your life

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For information and attendance requests: info@nurbiyeaskar.com

Come on, let’s journey to our essence with bright and dark sides together.

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