I am a carefree child who plays within the dust of the Taklamakan Desert. I am just three years old… The ancient and holy journey of mankind is struggling along. Look! that kid has grown up,  and away from all the noise and fighting, the states are  in unity and peace.

Me; as a Uyghur girl who was educated in professional dance since i was 12 years old at Xinjiang Arts Institute,China which is situated in the land of my birth.I remember that the harmony we caught when dancing with my shadow on the wall in the sunset when i was just a little child. There is a balance and harmony between darkness and brightness. The main aim for all of us should be that we are aware of both sides and to embrace them with equality and harmony and with an equal balance.

The inner power is the voice of the heart and this voice is so powerful; that this voice should be distinguished from the society’s and family’s voice. And it is never forgotten that, the heart could find its power only from serenity and beating in calmness. Thus, let the wisdom of nature guide us to a life we have integrated into ourselves by becoming aware of our own inner power.

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